United Nations Sciences and Technology Organization

United Nations Sciences and Technology Organization (UNSTO) is an international non-profit organization established with the strong support of International Organizations to promote and protect global science and technology jointly. UNSTO actively advocates science and technology concepts, development, sharing, and continuously promoting global integration of science and technology. Headquartered in the United States.

Purpose of the Organization

UNSTO is committed to promoting and protecting global science and technology, building a global integrated science and technology economic chain, advocating the development of science and technology industry, energy conservation, environmental friendliness, economic efficiency, energy utilization, and establishing an integrated international trade channel for science and technology products, and actively serving the world Contribute to the cause of science and technology.


The UNSTO flag is rectangular, with a length to width ratio of 3:2. The flag is composed of two colors: white and blue. White symbolizes health and life, and blue symbolizes technology and peace. The center of the flag is the UNSTO logo, which stands for that UNSTO is the core leader and organizer of the global science and technology industry.


UNSTO also has established the United Nations Science and Technology Organization Foundation, which widely accepts donations from social groups, government agencies, and individuals. All donations are used for the development of science and technology industry and to fund the promotion and construction of science and technology in impoverished areas.

Structure of the Institution

UNSTO consists of the Council, Secretariat, International Affairs Office, Multilingual Business Processing Center, Foundation, Academy of the United Nations Sciences and Technology Organization, Global Blockchain Alliance, Global Migration Programme, Millennial Kingdom, Association for the Promotion of International Economic Development and representatives from all over the world Office, Club, and ten expert councils at the same time, including: Science and Technology Industry Council, Patent Project Council, Technology Application Industry Council, Consumer Products Industry Council, Technology Energy (Energy Saving) Council, Venture Capital Council, Science and Technology Tourism Industry Council, Green Technology Industry Council, Health Industry Council, Urban Development and Construction Council; ten product testing centers: chemical product testing center, building decoration material product testing center, cosmetics testing center, hardware electromechanical products Testing center, electronic and electrical product testing center, agricultural product testing center, transportation testing center, food product testing center, etc.


The UNSTO logo consists of three parts: olive branch, earth, and UNSTO. The olive branch symbolizes the promotion of scientific and peaceful industries, maintaining the earth's ecological resources, world peace, and creating a sustainable, healthy, environmentally friendly, and scientific ecological environment for humankind. The earth symbolizes the homeland where all humankind lives together. UNSTO is the abbreviation of the full English name of the United Nations Science and Technology Organization. UNSTO advocates the earth and human science and technology industry. Through the close organic combination of olive branch, earth, and UNSTO, it vividly embodies UNSTO's purpose of jointly promoting and protecting global science and technology, actively advocating the concept of science and technology, development, and sharing, and continuously promoting the development of global integration of science and technology.

Primary Duty

(1) Put forward international initiatives to promote and strengthen the development and cooperation relations between countries and regions in the development of science and technology, patent technology promotion, protection, scientific research and technology expansion, intelligence development, scientific and technological industry investment, development, etc. Internationally renowned standard center, evaluation center, product testing center, science and technology industry certification center, forecast center, international activity center, and patent technology research and training center.

 (2) Develop exchanges and cooperation with relevant international organizations: organize relevant international conferences, forums, and international expositions.

 (3) Recommend and approve the best examples of “international scientific and technological development, scientific human settlements, scientific food safety, scientific and technological sustainable development, scientific and technological industry, patent creation, etc.”. Focus on product evaluation, monitoring, identification, testing and production supervision, and organization of certification implementation.

 (4) Collecting, collating, disseminating, and disseminating information: undertaking the evaluation and feasibility study of cooperative projects; organizing economic and trade negotiations and technical exchanges; providing information consultation and other services.

 (5) Undertake other tasks authorized or assigned.

 (6) Accept the entrustment of relevant departments to organize and implement international forums, conferences, and related activities.

 (7) The United Nations Science and Technology Organization Foundation under UNSTO carries out foreign aid and supports the development of science and technology industries in impoverished areas.

Association for the Promotion of International Economic Development

Association for the Promotion of International Economic Development is an international economic promotion non-governmental organization established under the United Nations Economic and Social Council framework and the United Nations Sciences and Technology Organization at the strong request of people from all countries and regions. Combined voluntarily by Politicians, entrepreneurs, investors, and scholars from various countries. 

The main task is to carry out economic cooperation, investment, exchanges, exhibitions, conferences, etc., between enterprises in various countries and regions around the global economic development in the context of the current global economic integration, and promote the realization of common development of the global economy. Of non-profit, non-governmental organizations.

The purpose of the Association: Under the United Nations Charter system, to jointly abide by the constitution and related laws and regulations of the country of residence, and to observe the social ethics and customs, unite people of insight from all walks of life in the world, unify goals, concentrate forces, and jointly promote the world economy We will develop in a healthy and steady manner, and jointly complete the grand cause of world economic revival and world prosperity. At the same time, unite with peace-loving, maintain the country's independent development, and support the world peace of the various political parties, organizations, and people, and contribute to the world's peace, long-term stability, and economic development.


【Mat6:10】Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so on earth.

  • We wish to live in our own land on the earth as in heaven founded by Jesus.

  • We wish to establish the state of Jesus named Millennial Kingdom on the earth if it please God.

Academy of the United Nations Sciences and Technology Organization

Prof Aaron Xiang
Executive Chairman

Economist, inventor, author, the Best Leader in the financial industry, and won the World Most Distinguished Chinese Award, the International Scientific Progress Award,  the Major Technical Innovation and Invention Award, the Technical Progress Award for Special Occupational Safety, the Gold Award for Patent Invention, the Outstanding Inventor of the Year, and the Outstanding Achievement Award granted by CFIUS.

Prof Michael Saunders

Member of the Academy of the United Nations Sciences and Technology Organization

The First recipient of the Orchard-Hays Prize from the Mathematical Programming Society.

Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand.

SIAM Linear Algebra Prize. SIAM Fellow.

Stanford University Invention Hall of Fame.

Prof Youzhong Guo

Famous Scientist of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Former Deputy Director of Institute of Physics and Mathematics of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Foreign Member of Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

Foreign Member of American Mathematical Society

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